Ensuring Access To Quality Vehicles Across The Globe


Lead Generation

If you own an auto sales business, and you want to sell more cars. Olive Digital can get people to enquire about your stock. We are a trusted digital marketing agency with experience with generating leads in the car industry. We do this by increasing the traffic to your site and therefore cutting out referral traffic such as Auto Trader and Car Gurus, which cost a fortune. This increases the conversion rate as the traffic is interested in your products. We will devise a bespoke strategy to your business to make sure all targets are met and traffic is driven to your website. We have the industry-leading knowledge which will allow your Japanese used car dealership to stand out from the rest. We want to work with you to drive high quality leads to your website today!

Digital Transformation

To win in the digital era you need an audacious ambition and immaculate execution. We can help with both. Our multidisciplinary teams of experts work side-by-side with you to design, build, and scale truly transformative digital businesses. Whatever your ambition may be, from embracing new digital capabilities to reimagining how your business operates to launching entirely new digital ventures. We can help you set a new standard of excellence and achieve unprecedented levels of value.

Our approach combines a proven end-to-end transformation framework with various integrated platforms of digital capabilities supported by an expansive ecosystem of best-of-breed partners specializing in digital transformation.


Offline sales

Offline channels are still very effective mediums to generate sales and ensure smooth purchases. Japanese car traders need to remember that the most important stages in car selling and purchasing still occur offline. Olive Digital owns a widespread network of used Japanese car dealers and agents throughout the world which enables us to assist traders with their businesses ensuring a successful customer journey on behalf of our clientele. This is only possible by aligning online and offline elements together, along with delivering top-quality after sales services.

CRM Solutions

Every aspect of the auto trading industry has changed in the last decade. Inventory, sales, compliance, financing, and even service departments have been turned upside-down. Most importantly, the customer buying journey has changed. That means your toolbox needs to change, too.

Customer relationship management platforms, or CRMs, are absolutely essential in today’s highly competitive dealership industry. But not just any CRM will do. You need to use the right CRM for your auto sales business. We at Olive Digital have the expertise to deliver the best CRM solutions that fit your business needs in the best possible manner. Our solutions will simplify your dealership processes and will give you a competitive edge over other businesses in the market.


Logistic Management & Arrangement

In today’s competitive environment, your success depends on matching your dealer network to consumer behavior and demand. Optimizing your network—in terms of the number, size, location and product/service mix—is critical. Dealer Network Development from IHS Markit supports clients with a comprehensive suite of network planning services, including detailed market analyses, optimal dealer modeling, territory design and dealer/market performance measurement. We at Olive Digital help you

  • Understand your regional market
  • Assess current/future network opportunities
  • Find prospect customers and locate opportunities
  • Optimize your dealer networks
  • Deal with the import and export of used Japanese vehicles
  • Arrange deliveries